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I’m James, a full time developer, part time tinkerer.

Welcome to my small corner of the internet. Here I mash together words into blog posts about the tech I'm playing with.

If you're interested in Homelabs, I have another blog with my friend Blag - The Homelabber.

Go | PHP | TypeScript | Vue | Docker


My Homelab - 2022 A year in review

2022 has truly been my year of homelabbing, with learning, iteration and change being a reoccurring theme. I began the year with a somewhat humble homelab, and while I'm not ending it with anything outrageous, it has certainly come a long way. Looking into the next year, I plan on less hardware changes, but there’s certainly a lot more to learn.

Routing to multiple Minecraft servers on a host

Following up my previous post on running Minecraft servers in Docker, lets configure a proxy to Route domains to multiple Minecraft servers on the same host, but without different port numbers for each server.

Running Minecraft servers from Docker

In this post I'll walk you through setting up a few different Minecraft servers, running vanilla, Paper and Forge, all on the same host. In a follow up post I go through routing to these server on the same port.

Hello World

Welcome to my new site, built with Eleventy, pure CSS and zero JS. Oh so simple.


My project, Enkel. The clean and simple RSS Reader, built with Laravel, Inertia and Tailwind.

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